Monthly Archives: August 2009

Is It Just Me ?????

I am greeted by illuminated rooms lightly scented by spritzes of perfume and cheerful knowing women. They recognize my familiar face and call me by name; Ms. Jackson. I feel at home and deeply submerge myself into the new stilettos, colognes, beauty treatments and suits. I am a professional. A consummate, uber professional… shopper. Perpetually, ready to spend my hard earned money on my latest and greatest new fashion desires; shopping is my sport and I am very skilled. I don’t know of one person who could beat me in my sport, I have no time limit on shopping, and could be found doing it in the rain, when it is cold, when I am sick. It is amazing how expensive a few years ago, has now suddenly become affordable. Usually, this exhilarating shopping encounter is enjoyed during my breaks or lunchtime, where I see women happily purchasing as if the recession is not affecting them. Sometimes this break comes after just meeting with a client where I have no doubt advised them; possibly even chastised them on the importance of having a budget and saving if they want to realize their goal of buying a home.

What I am saying, is that I understand. Some days I am your friend, some days your advisor, some days a hypocrite. I am greatly aware of the constant pressures we have to look well maintained, fashionable, up to date, and I too feel the stress leaving my body as I walk the beautiful stores to shop. The constant commercials, and colorful magazine ads with the new spring clothes; are definitely working on me…they lure me into the stores. The stores also appear to be unaware of the recession and market their $600 Christian Louboutins as if a good bargain. I am too a “victim” and succumb to the temptations. I am too a work in progress.

What I can say is that it requires daily effort to maintain your budget, to forgo the short-term gratification of giving in to shopping to reach your goals; whether they be to save money, buy a home, or pay off debt, etc. Although I take my sport very seriously and would be lying if I said I wouldn’t “practice” weekly, just to keep in shape. I will make an effort to also practice what I am preaching and save right along with you. Believe me, I am definitely not one of the women unaware of the recession, and yes I have been called out recently. Thanks for helping me practice what I preach Ms. Evans!