Monthly Archives: September 2009


What’s the ETA????

Does it seem like the November 30th date for the $8000 tax credit has come so quickly? It has. We are here and we don’t know if any such program will be extended past the November 30th date. Sometimes, as industry professionals, we hear buzz of new programs and incentives, however, all we hear now is centered around the Healthcare Reform Bill passing and not spending another dime until it does. I don’t want any of my customers, clients, or friends to be left out without even a word from their trusted Real Estate Broker. We are here, the time has come. You have approximately 2 ½ months to discuss, find, bid, and close on your home. If you are planning to take advantage of the $8000 first time homebuyer tax credit-you need to make a move LIKE NOW!!! Call your real estate professional and get started on your pathway to homeownership , the benefits, incentives, programs and get your $8000!!!!!