About Realtor Kristi Jackson’s Blog

Information, information, information. This blog is to share information. Whenever I meet clients or potential clients and tell them my business, I am amazed at how long it takes just to get through the myths and bad information embedded in their heads. This blog is to share all of the information I have now and all that I gain through experience and training and hope that it makes a difference and educates a few.

I am Kristi Jackson, owner of The Jackson Real Estate Group, in Houston, Texas, and a licensed Real Estate and Investment Consultant. I assist in the buying and selling of residential and commercial properties, leases, investment properties, foreclosures, property management, and, I am a HUD approved agent for the state of Texas. I also consult buyers and sellers on their investment properties working as a project manager. Go to

www.thejacksonrealestategroup.com to view all Houston’s listings and get more real estate information or call Kristi Jackson 281-808-4620, kristijackson@topproducer.com

3 responses to “About Realtor Kristi Jackson’s Blog

  1. Wow! Your’re making all the right moves. The real estate industry is down now so you’re casting a larger net,i.e. blogs,websites,etc. It’s also obvious you really like real-estate. Be careful, you’re analytical and you probaly focus in hard. Use the left side of your brain from time to time.It will be hard ,but you will enjoy it.

  2. Interesting blog! I operate a Contract Loan Processing Agency and was surfing around for ideas to create blogs in Word Press for Real Estates Agents in Texas wanting to develop a niche product such as assisting buyers wanting to purchase bank owned properties, which brought me to yours.

    If I can ever be of assistance with a mortgage question feel free to contract me. I have over 30 years experience as an FHA Underwriter and always available to answer questions a Real Estate Agent might have when the contract is going south due to the financing and can offer any recommendations that might save your deal.

  3. Kristi,
    While resesarching the EaDo area, I ran across your blog. I own an inside 5000 SF lot at 712 Delano. I’m trying to determine what that space is worth. There is a lot of condo development around there, including the property that backs up to our lot. There is a lot of building in the area for Capitol Oaks Condos and buying of lots for condo development by In-town Homes. Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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