For Sale: 2BR/2BA Condo in Houston, TX, $299,500

For Sale: 2BR/2BA Condo in Houston, TX, $299,500

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What’s the ETA????

Does it seem like the November 30th date for the $8000 tax credit has come so quickly? It has. We are here and we don’t know if any such program will be extended past the November 30th date. Sometimes, as industry professionals, we hear buzz of new programs and incentives, however, all we hear now is centered around the Healthcare Reform Bill passing and not spending another dime until it does. I don’t want any of my customers, clients, or friends to be left out without even a word from their trusted Real Estate Broker. We are here, the time has come. You have approximately 2 ½ months to discuss, find, bid, and close on your home. If you are planning to take advantage of the $8000 first time homebuyer tax credit-you need to make a move LIKE NOW!!! Call your real estate professional and get started on your pathway to homeownership , the benefits, incentives, programs and get your $8000!!!!!

Is It Just Me ?????

I am greeted by illuminated rooms lightly scented by spritzes of perfume and cheerful knowing women. They recognize my familiar face and call me by name; Ms. Jackson. I feel at home and deeply submerge myself into the new stilettos, colognes, beauty treatments and suits. I am a professional. A consummate, uber professional… shopper. Perpetually, ready to spend my hard earned money on my latest and greatest new fashion desires; shopping is my sport and I am very skilled. I don’t know of one person who could beat me in my sport, I have no time limit on shopping, and could be found doing it in the rain, when it is cold, when I am sick. It is amazing how expensive a few years ago, has now suddenly become affordable. Usually, this exhilarating shopping encounter is enjoyed during my breaks or lunchtime, where I see women happily purchasing as if the recession is not affecting them. Sometimes this break comes after just meeting with a client where I have no doubt advised them; possibly even chastised them on the importance of having a budget and saving if they want to realize their goal of buying a home.

What I am saying, is that I understand. Some days I am your friend, some days your advisor, some days a hypocrite. I am greatly aware of the constant pressures we have to look well maintained, fashionable, up to date, and I too feel the stress leaving my body as I walk the beautiful stores to shop. The constant commercials, and colorful magazine ads with the new spring clothes; are definitely working on me…they lure me into the stores. The stores also appear to be unaware of the recession and market their $600 Christian Louboutins as if a good bargain. I am too a “victim” and succumb to the temptations. I am too a work in progress.

What I can say is that it requires daily effort to maintain your budget, to forgo the short-term gratification of giving in to shopping to reach your goals; whether they be to save money, buy a home, or pay off debt, etc. Although I take my sport very seriously and would be lying if I said I wouldn’t “practice” weekly, just to keep in shape. I will make an effort to also practice what I am preaching and save right along with you. Believe me, I am definitely not one of the women unaware of the recession, and yes I have been called out recently. Thanks for helping me practice what I preach Ms. Evans!

Waiting on the Mrs. to Buy a Home????

20% of the homebuyers for 2008 were single women, but this number could be much higher. During my weekly networking events, I meet many successful, intelligent, and independent in almost every way women- some I truly admire, some flatteringly admire me. But not an event passes where one of those same, independent, intelligent, successful women, does not says to me, that she doesn’t want to buy a home before she finds her husband for fear that she will seem too independent and intimidate or scare him off. What????!!!!!!!!!! So you would want to meet a man who thinks it was a smarter decision for you to patiently wait on him while wasting money monthly? This money could be better spent investing in your future-an investment tool which could provide wealth for the both of you later, possibly provide money to start a business, pay for school, or pay off debt in an emergency. This investment anchors you to your community even further, giving you stability and more responsibility to not spend as much in the club, shopping or on your nails. What about that could possibly not be attractive coupled with the fact that you are a successful, educated, lady and not doubt beautiful? I understand wanting to wait to clear up credit, find a job/a more stable well paying job, save for a down payment or to simply buy a larger home. But to wait only so that you can come across as a lady who doesn’t quite have it together shouldn’t be a quality anyone strives to possess. Independent women have such a great talent to move forward, put ourselves through school, maintain a home, a job, possibly children, and support our church, all while pressing to reach our other goals. I am one of these women, and would only like to see us make wise decisions to increase our wealth and advance. Please don’t let all of the grants, down payment programs, tax rebates, etc. etc. pass you buy. To the lady I met this week; this is not a personal dig at you, just a combination of weeks of comments- I’m ready to help whenever you are ready to stop waiting Mr. Right.

July 11th Homebuyer Seminar 550 Post Oak Blvd Ste 500 Houston

Heard about the $8000 tax credit, the $2000 mortgage credit, or the 90 Day downpayment assistance program of up to $7000? Come to this homebuyer seminar where I will discuss all of the programs currently available to get you into a home. The entire buying process, credit, and financing will also be discussed. Refreshments will be served and seating is limited. RSVP by email or phone, and bring something to write with , write on and your questions. Also, 2 names will be drawn for Gas Cards. See you on the 11th!

90 Day Down Payment Assistance Program !!!

90 Day Down Payment Assistance Program To assist Texans in purchasing their first home, The Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA) created the 90 Day Down Payment Assistance Program designed to help home buyers with their down payment and closing costs needs. Eligibility First time homebuyers purchasing a new or resale home that will be used as their primary residence First time homebuyer who has not owned a home during the last 3 years The income limit for single tax payers is $75,000 a year, for couples filing jointly, $150,000 Home purchases must occur before December 1, 2009 Requirements Each homebuyer is required to attend an 8 hour homebuyer education course before the purchase Homebuyers must be eligible to claim the federal first time homebuyer tax credit Homebuyers must complete the IRS form S405 and file an amended 2008 IRS federal tax return Borrower pay $250 for administration fees Assistance 5% of the first lien mortgage amount up to a maximum of $7000 for down payment and/or closing costs. This program, like many others currently on the market, should be discussed with your Realtor and mortgage broker.