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Keys to Success in Someone Else’s Pocket??

Feeling like you just can’t catch a break? Finding it difficult to believe the hype, you just have to work hard and success will follow…….. wonder how to get the experience without having previous experience? This economy is interesting (sometimes interchangeable with jacked) and is definitely requiring some tenacity and strength pulled from some new sources. But it’s getting better. Every day. This is the time to get creative, to use every single resource we have, to become brave and most importantly, to make a move. Repeat, make a move. These are the frustrating times, but one of the best times to learn something new, to make some changes, revisions, to take a leap. Education is pouring from Houston weekly, sometimes for FREE!!!! Relationships are being built late at night and deals are being made. Nothing happens until you show up. No contacts are made until you make them. Nothing is given to you; you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate. What deal do you have in the fire? What idea has been creating a fire in your belly? How do you get it out? Who are your cheerleaders? Do you have any cheerleaders? You have the right to get frustrated and the right to get tired, but the responsibility to keep going. When you are dust, what will keep your name alive? Staying positively persistent, playing Full Out, as Ms. Nichols would say. This is your time, this is our time. Call someone, make it happen and take your keys back………..

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A Few Companies with some Extra Keys…….


Are You Eligible for a Government Grant???

Harris and other surrounding counties do have programs to help first time homebuyers get into a home. But there are restrictions and eligibility requirements for each program. Most of these grants require you to take a first-time homebuyer 8 hour course, usually given on a Saturday and obtain a certificate of competition after the class. After receiving your certificate, you should interview with approved lenders for the grant program. You should work with a company you feel comfortable with and a company that has completed several of these types of transactions. After you choose the lender you want to work with, you will need to gather all required documents including bank statements, w-2’s, pay check stubs, etc. You and your realtor can now search for your home with a max price of $120,000. The home you decide on has to be within the Harris county service area, and there are also strict income/family size requirements. Go to http://www.csd.hctx.net/dapsteps.aspx for more information, to find approved lenders, HUD approved education classes, and income requirements.

Can You Save 2008’s Tax Return??

This is the time of year that I usually give suggestions about the many ways to make your income tax return stretch and help you achieve your goals.  This year is proving to be much different. Already strapped families are desperately in need of additional money and this year’s return is spent way before it is received.  If you happen to be one of the lucky few that does not immediately need your income tax return to pay normal bills, I do have a few suggestions to make it last.


Ø      Start an emergency savings account.  3-6 months of expenses used to be the rule of thumb, but saving 6-12 months would be a safe bet if possible

Ø      Use your return to put a down payment on a income producing property like a duplex or rent house

Ø      If you have debt, this would be a good time to pay it down or off

Ø      This is also a good time to make improvements to your home that will add to the bottom line and increase value.  Change the carpet, paint the rooms, add a deck, etc.

Ø      Start or add to retirement savings in an IRA

Ø      Put the money into a Cd, Money Market account, or purchase U.S. Savings Bonds


These are only a few suggestions, but whatever you decide to do with your money this year, saving it in some way seems to be the smartest investment in these economic times. These are only a few suggestions, but whatever you decide to do with your money this year, saving it in some way seems to be the smartest investment in these economic times.